Month: December 2014

Develop Your Photography Skills

Develop Your Photography Skills

child-112An exciting three part series of photography workshops in Kenmare.
Hosted at the Brook Lane Hotel, in Kenmare

Wednesday 21st January 7-9pm

Wednesday 28th January 7-9pm

And a bonus outdoor portrait session (with model)

Sunday 1st February    8-10.30am or  2-4.30pm

This course will help you understand that there are simple steps to photography that are available to everyone.   You’ll learn to compose simple but striking images and develop a new confidence to be creative.    You’ll no longer be  afraid of the camera in your hands.

The topics covered will be interesting if you enjoy taking photographs in any genre, however the focus will mainly be aimed at taking photographs of people.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already active with your camera, I assure you that you will enjoy the sessions and find it worthwhile.  I share simple techniques that I use in my daily work, you’ll be surprised how simple everything can be.

About Nick :  Nick Cavanagh (me) is a Kenmare based  full time working photographer.  I have recently selected to be a part of the UK’s team in the 2015 World Photographic Cup .  I spend a great deal of time working abroad in Sub Saharan Africa and when I’m working here in Kerry I regularly host popular  Portrait Days for families in Kenmare, Bantry and Cork.

To book:  Contact Nick via email using this contact form or call 0879 491 002.   Payment can be made on the evening of the first session.

Please note: There is a limit of 12 people per course and the Sunday sessions will be split into two groups of 6.

Questions?   Send them to me via email and I promise to get straight back to you.

Customer Service at Christmas …. My Nightmares

Customer Service at Christmas …. My Nightmares

Customer Service  

I’m writing this blog in a 50% entertainment, 50% business development manner. I hope you can wince with my past Christmas experiences and also learn from my mistakes….  Everyone knows the importance of good customer service but what is it? As a small business owner (particulary in a small town) the margin of error is tiny for me.
After university I immediately went to work in the retail sector on a graduate scheme for a supermarket and after a while took a position with a well known office supplies retail firm. I thought I’d include two Christmas ‘Customer Service’ case studies that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my career.

  1. Bad Fish

salmonA customer had planned a large formal Christmas Eve dinner for 15 guests and in sometime in October had approached our supermarket and requested a special kind of fish to be picked up on the 23rd December. I took the order and didn’t really understand why being so meticulous was important to her.
No matter and the fish was ordered successfully. Everything was fine until as soon as the day (and the fish arrived) another staff member unknowingly sold it to someone else. When the mistake was realized they offered her a Salmon instead which she reluctantly purchased.

The original customer was distraught and in my naivety I couldn’t understand why- the store manager was horrified when I told him the story over a coffee later that day. He had me phone round 14 stores to source the correct fish and drive 50 miles to pick it up to hand deliver at no cost to the customer.
Her relief and thanks at the doorstep taught me a lesson.


  1. Christmas Matters

Two years later…. I’d taken an order from a customer wanting to buy a computer for his wife for Christmas, this was probably in 1998 so was a really exciting and costly present . He wanted everything to be perfect and had specific requests as to monitor size. I was determined to build on my fish lesson above and decided to manage this totally myself. When the units had arrived I checked everything piece by piece.

Pleased with myself I then decided to phone him and the conversation went a little bit like this:


Me: “Hi, is David there?

Female Voice   “No, he’s out can I take a message?”

MeOh yes thanks, can you tell him the computer he ordered is ready to be picked up?”

Female Voice   “Ahh.. I think you’ve just told me what I’m getting for Christmas

Me   Long Silence…..   “Oh no”

Female Voice   “Look, on no condition let him know we’ve spoken, he’ll be gutted – phone him back in an hour”


I did phone him back and told him about the computer and when he was delighted when he picked it up I thought I had got away with my phone call.

My heart sank on the 27th December however when he returned it. When his wife opened the cardboard box (feigning surprise)  it was apparent that had been previously sold to someone else and returned before hand. That’s when everything unravelled

I obviously wasn’t to know this, but his anger was directed at me. “You’ve let me down, not because of it being already used, but because you phoned my wife and let her know it was her present, total disaster”.


Running a photography business all these years later I’m still scarred by the two incidents above. Yesterday was my final date for customer orders and until the correct ordered frames are delivered to my customers intact and handed over I’m going to be slightly nervous. Can’t tell you how much it matters to me that I get things right.

Nowadays if I were to repeat either of the two mistakes listed above in the town I live in, my reputation and business would be in tatters.


Yours ever so slightly nervously….



ASO Rock Framed Print

ASO ROCK.  A perfect Christmas Stocking Filler

Can you see the Elephant?!

Can you see the Elephant AND the Giraffe?
Can you see the Elephant AND the Giraffe?

If you’ve ever lived or visited the capital of Nigeria, you’ll have been struck by the incredible monolith that sits in the centre of the city. Aso Rock was formed by the slow erosion of the softer rock around it.
Having seen the rock every day for 2 years , some friends told me that the rock bore an uncanny resemblance to an Elephant.
(I didn’t believe them until they showed me this angle of approach).

In this print you’ll see the elephant and if you look carefully you might even see a Giraffe looking on : )
Framed in a black wood, I have made this print available in three sizes.  Perfect as a stocking filler for anyone who’s spent time in  Nigeria.

Orders received before the 15th of December will be delivered to mainland Europe addresses before Santa leaves the North Pole.

You can order via Paypal using the button below.

For Delivery prices and other sized options please contact me via this form.

You can order via Paypal using the button below.PAYPAL Size options   (Please Note: Sizes are Glass Size)

10″ x 8″    € 77.43

18″ x 12″  € 145

30″ x 20″ € 245

Wedding Photograpy – Info Evening Wed 14th Jan

webmiddle962-102Christmas and New Year is a time where many couples decide to step things up and commit to marriage.

What follows is a whole lot of wedding planning, excitement and for some maybe a little bit of frustration.

One of the main areas of frustration for couples can be trying to establish what they want from their wedding photographs and finding a photographer who can (and will) deliver that.

In order to help smooth the process along I’m planning a no obligation  “Wedding Photography Information Evening”.

It ‘s going to be held on the 14th January at 7.30pm at the Brook Lane Hotel in Kenmare.

It will be useful for all couples and not just those getting married locally.

We’ll look at photographic styles, budgets and I’ll point out a few issues that you might want to think through.

Please Note:

  • This is not going to be a “Sales Pitch Evening”.  I’ll not be following up with phone calls or offering ‘special book now discounts’.
  • Whilst this evening will be free, you will need to book and there is a maximum of 7 couples per session.
  • You certainly don’t have to come as a couple, (if you want to bring a friend or parent that’s fine).
  • There will be plenty of opportunity for questions, and the session will be informal.


To book a place please contact me via this contact form.

or call 0879 491 002

In the meantime, please feel free to download this free pdf Guide to Wedding Photography published by the BIPP.