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Portraits in the Outdoors – Why I work this way!

Portraits in the Outdoors – Why I work this way!

One of the questions I get asked the most is why I risk the weather when it comes to my children’s portraits and choose to work outdoors; “Wouldn’t it be easier to operate from a studio like most working photographers?”   It’s certainly true that most portrait photographers work inside a studio and get great results with their preferred setup.   So why am I different?

It’s not that I like to be awkward, I just feel I get better results when children are in a place where they can be children.  I’m sure it  helps that I live and work in Kenmare which has such a lot to offer in terms of backgrounds.   There are plenty of good photographers offering studio portraiture with bright neutral backgrounds , but I like to think that if someone familiar with my style saw one of my portraits they would instantly recognise my work.

My photographic style has evolved over the years , I know the kind of images I will be taking and nothing pleases me more when a client says “We love your style“.  I know I’m not for everyone so it’s exciting when a client sees things the same way.

When parents contact me or book one of my portrait days, one of the things I stress is the importance of neutral clothing.   Children behave so differently when they are dressed formally for an occasion.  Personally I like to see the real them in their most relaxed state.   One of the major difficulties all photographers face is the question of managing light.  It’s difficult in a studio to move lights around due to limited space, whereas when we are outside we can get the children to move!

If the light isn’t working then we simple move them to a place where it is. (Simple hey?!)   I love the portrait of the girl above here taken last summer,  the colours are vibrant but balanced and she’s in a really strong pose.  We could have had a stylist working for 30 minutes for just this one image  but would she be any more beautiful?
I really don’t think so.

We’d have to ask her parents, but I’m sure that this portrait captures her true character .

When you think about a portrait session for your children it is a good idea to start by thinking about the type of image you’d like to have at the end.  Digital images you can share online or breathtaking wall frames that last much longer?

If you’d like to know more about my portrait work here in Kenmare then drop me a line on this contact form  or call me on 0879 491 002    I’ve also included details of my upcoming portrait days below.  They tend to book up quickly so I’ve introduced two new venues and more dates for 2015.
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All the best Nick : )

Portrait Days Winter Spring 2015 

Feb 28th    Reenagross, Kenmare

March 1st  Glengarriff Woods, Co Cork

March 14  Muckross, Killarney


Building the business 2015

Main Street in #KenmareI’m really fortunate to live where I do and I know that I’m also very fortunate to have a career I love doing.    1 million people visit the small town of Kenmare each year and we’ve only got a poplutation of 3000 or so.   If you’ve not been you must come, it’s the gateway to two astonishing peninsulas and there’s always something going on.
Photography is a tough industry, there are many many photographers struggling to follow the same path.  Not only does there need to be something noticeably different about my work but I’m always thinking about ways I can build up the traffic.
I’m now beginning to think that every day without rain (few at the moment) is an opportunity to deliver new work. Am seeing the outdoors in our town as like having a 100 different photography studios.

So in 2015 I’m going to begin to  to look at how I can make the most of the number of people travelling to our town.   I can’t imagine that someone will come all the way to Kenmare from Boston or New York, JUST to have an image taken by me.>> But I would like to think that if that did happen, it may generate new leads if clients saw my work hung as a frame in a different land.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of this blog post actually is, maybe I just want to show that am keen for more work or perhaps it’s just a mental note to remind myself to keep growing the business little by little!
In other news, I’IPPA Logom delighted to announce that the IPPA have welcomed me to their fold. Many will know that I’m an active member of the BIPP (and will remain to be so) but it did seem appropriate to join alongside other working photographers here in Ireland. The IPPA hold regular competitions and awards, so if I ever contact you and ask if you don’t mind me entering one of your portraits, you can rest assured that I think it was pretty good.

All the best for 2015 to everyone.   I’ll be starting my portrait days at Reenagross again in about a month’s time, and then I’ve a special announcement about first communion portrait packages that I hope everyone will be excited about.  Always happy to talk about any photography ideas, weddings, christenings, etc.

If I can help at all  my number is 0879 491 002
Best wishes Nick