The BridegroomLet’s be honest about this.. Despite wanting to look good, a bridegroom may shudder about the prospect of posing for a ‘guy alone’ wedding portrait.

“What shall I do with my hands? ” is a common enough question.
“Which side does the buttonhole go on?” another.
Brides are much better at this kind of stuff, but lads ye do not have to fear…

The ‘How to look good for Grooms session’ is here to help.

Today we’re announcing two Sunday morning sessions  (September  11th and 25th).
We will start at 9.30 in our Kenmare studio. We look at some good habits and simple approaches to natural looking poses.  We discuss some ideas and then to a location nearby  to take some portraits.
Practical and totally relaxed, you’ll feel pretty good taking these tips into your wedding day.

I’m promising that it will not be awkward, at all, ever!

There are 5 spaces available on each morning. Places need to be booked and are offered on a first come first served basis.

After we’ve taken some time portraits, we will finish up with a breakfast in Kenmare town which is included your session fee.
We will have the opportunity to look at the images we’ve captured (which you can keep).

Do you know a bridegroom that could use a little help ? This is an ideal gift!

The session is priced at €65 or €85 (combined if two book together).

What to wear?

Smart Jeans & Shirt is always a good look. Jackets are always handy either to wear or hang over a shoulder.

As an added no cost benefit, we will be available on both afternoons for Pre-Wedding (Engagement) shoots.
These last around 40 minutes and are offered at no cost but appointments need to be agreed .

Book Now – Please contact Nick on 0879 491 002 or


Nick Cavanagh is a full time wedding and professional portrait photographer based in Kenmare, County Kerry.