Eyes Closed.

Eyes Closed.

I once entered a portrait for a national award that I thought was something special. The subject was a young woman whose life story had been harder than I can express with words. Despite the extreme challenges she had faced (and still faces) she was bubbling with joy and appreciation. I don’t think I can recall meeting anyone with such a defining spirit of positivity. She beamed not just with her smile but with her whole demeanour.
I had selected a portrait of her expressing that joy (she had her eyes closed)  but the comment I received from the judge really annoyed me. 

‘Her eyes are closed in this picture. You need to see the eyes in a portrait’.


The judge had completely missed the point. As a portrait photographer I don’t want to make people look ‘good’, I want to tell their story. I don’t even like to have to explain an image with words. Having to explain suggests that the image hasn’t  done its job fully.  Portrait photography is about telling stories.

This portrait has had a big effect on me throughout my life. It’s by Gerald Waller and it’s called New Shoes – it was taken in Austria in 1947 and was made famous by Life Magazine. 

The young lad has been given a new pair of shoes by the American Red Cross  and you can see he’s overcome. He’s beside himself and his eyes are closed.
I’m not sure I would ever be able to convince a subject to ‘close their eyes and look happy’- it would be such an odd request and can’t imagine it would work. Those moments just happen and you either capture them or you don’t.

Yesterday I was asked along by the family of Carlos and Joan who were visting Parknasilla on the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary- they had a lovely ceremony with their three (grown up) children celebrating their wedding and their future.
I was actually capturing a portrait of just the children when I turned to my right and saw them stood by my side. Completely not posed, just a beautiful testimony to brilliant people still in love.
It’s an image I’ll hold on to.  Just look at Carlos’ eyes – there’s a proud and happy man.

Multimedia Wedding Album

We’ve so many new products coming thick and fast in the next few weeks, but we think wedding couples are going to love this one.  It’s a brand new product by our partners (Graphistudio in Italy) which means you can rely on their quality.  

They have introduced an amazing way to combine your digital images in your printed album!   Take a look at the promotional video below. 

The 7″ screen has ample storage for all your Engagement & Wedding Images.  
The screen itself is charged using a USB cable which is provided.  

You could even include your wedding video. 
Drop us a line using our contact page if you’d like to know more. 

Looking for the perfect Baby shower gift?

I’m very pleased and excited to announce our latest Baby package. We are now offering a “Birth – Birthday” luxury fine art print package. Your package  combines multiple shoots over your child’s first year with our award winning and personalised Fine Art Legacy Box.  
Graphistudio Legacy BoxAs new life begins, every day is precious and you’ll want to keep those memories close, what better way than a handcrafted box designed with your choice of material?

Inside your printed photographs will keep your memories fresh and you’ll be proud of them for ever more.  There really isn’t anything to compare with a printed photograph. 

We’ve designed this package to collect the images you want us to collect, so during the year we can be booked for up to three seperate shoots.  This might be a Newborn session, Christening, Christmas or Birthday Cake Smash – your session choices are entirely up to you.  

Your shoots and your legacy box with ten mounted prints are all included in the single packaged fee of €360.   The print quality of your favourite images will take your breath away. 

The box in itself is available in 7 different types of leather and a whole host of colour options.  Like every child every Legacy box is unique.  Additionally the image printed on the box lid makes it even more personal.
Should you wish to include extra prints in the coming years (up to 30) these can be added at a fee of €35 each.

Would this work as a gift?   We are often asked and in our opinion this would be the ultimate Baby Shower gift from colleagues and friends.  Giving a gift that lasts a lifetime; there’s nothing more precious. 

Each print is delivered to you with a print quality guarantee. Kept out of direct sunlight this will look as good in 300 years!
Rest assured your gift can be carried on for many generations. 


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