Nobody really knows what is going to happen in the future . At some point we are going to be given some kind of a go ahead. It will be time to wake our businesses up.

Getting your business noticed is going to be key to living life normally again and I’m keen to help you achieve that with fresh and exciting professional images.

I’m offering an opportunity to all local businesses to sit down and look at the kind of images you need and write out a short action plan. This is a complimentary service open to all with no obligation. Just drop me a line and we can chat on the phone!

The next bit is the photography. You might need contemporary team headshots, a B&B room shoot or a full product catalogue. If you are proud of it – customers will want to see it. We’ll organise it that we capture quickly and get them backfire you to use sharpish. Planned images are always better and that’s why using a professional service is advisable. We know that impact is everything and we won’t rest until it’s working for you.

Here’s the encouraging bit – there’s no urgency on payment. In order to take the sting out of things we are offering all our commercial work with 90 day payment terms.

Can we help you and your business ? Whether you operate online or in the real world our studio in Kenmare is there to help you get more from your business. If you think we can help you with your product photography drop us a line, or call Nick on 0879 491 002