Follow up on Associateship Panel

Around a month ago I posted a brief article discussing my approach to a portfolio assessment review with the BIPP. I wanted to go public then before I knew whether my work met the standard I was aiming for.
I understand why no-one wants to be seen to fail but I was (nervously) trying to make the point that ongoing development is as much about failure as it is about success.  I’d gained my Licentiate in 2013 and my Associateship was the level I thought reflected the level of my work.

It would seem a bit safe and pretentious writing that after the event so I thought I’d put my money where my mouth was. Anyroad, my work did meet the standard and I’m still over the moon.  Relief? Confirmation?  I don’t know where the emotion stems, maybe even vindication against self doubt?!

If you are interested there are plenty of blogs about the path to qualification.   Here’s one from Lindsay Dobson discussing her Fellowship.

If you are considering hiring a photographer, looking to see whether the photographer is committed to ongoing development is a good indicator as to both their output and their professionalism.   There are obviously many excellent image makers who have no qualifications, but there are enough qualified photographers around to give you a start.