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 Farmer and her daughter with their soya bean crop.  Taken for Propcom Markarfi & The Palladium Group

I am writing this quickly as I have just checked in online and am almost ready for my flight home.  This trip has been fabulous and at the last count have visited 6 different states covering nearly 2000 miles. The locations have included 3 police stations, 3 courts, 1 palace , 2 hair salons and numerous farms. All the images were taken for DFID UK funded programmes and they’ll be used for communication, internal reporting as well as project monitoring. 

I am currently organising my work schedule for 2016 and would certainly like to hear from you if you think your own programme might benefit from stronger images. I am more than happy to discuss your photography options with absolutely no obligation.

If you’d like to arrange a phone conversation you can drop me a line via this contact form and I’ll get back to you immediately
Note, the subject’s name and telephone number have been altered for general privacy purposes.