A taste of Africa photographic assignments

My work in Africa

Spending three years living and photographing life in West Africa didn’t just give me the opportunity to capture visually stunning images in unusual locations.  It developed so many skills that underpin my photography on a day to day basis, particularly in relation to using and maximising natural light and developing rapport with subjects who do not share my language. 

The need to have every piece of kit in hand or within grabbing range throughout the shoot certainly focuses the mind on what’s really important.  When I’m flying, I tend to carry most of my gear as hand baggage so there are no ‘nice to have’ items.  Anything excessively power hungry or remotely temperamental just doesn’t make the cut.  Invariably, if something can go wrong, it will, so I tend to keep things simple on location.

I am lucky enough to make regular trips to support the work of overseas aid projects and charities.  The work of these organisations work is diverse but they all have one underlying aim – to change the lives of vulnerable people for the better.  

You can find out more about some of the organisations that carry out this work in links on the right and you can read about some of the individual assignments in my blog entries.