It’s probably the first question you think of  when you consider hiring a wedding photographer in Kenmare.

I like to keep things simple, I do that by breaking things into two clear stages.

Stage 1. Wedding Photography Prices

If you commission me to take photographs, it’s sensible to consider an hourly rate  ( €90-110 ).

After the images are taken it would usually take a photographer around 1/3 of the time shooting to complete the editing and preparation process.

So for example in a 5 hour wedding assignment , the photography and editing fee would be around €850.

To reserve a date for a wedding photography assignment a 10% payment is required, with the balance being due 28 days before the ceremony.

Stage 2.  Image Presentation

At this point, it’s time to consider the production of prints or wedding books. Some couples may prefer to simply take a copy of the images on CD and create albums as part of their own creative process.

Alternatively, others might require the presentation and printing to be managed by ourselves.

There are options for all budgets and there are no hidden surprises.