BIPP Portfolio Assessment


Over the last six months, I have been looking at putting myself forward for my next portfolio review with the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography).  Around this time last year, I was successful with my Licentiate panel, so now I’m hoping to climb one step up the ladder towards an Associateship.  Clearly, there is an advantage to gongs and awards, but for me, my primary aim behind my assessment is to measure my photographic skills against peers who have also been through the process. I’ve selected 30 of my Nigeria images to present and am having them printed and mounted before the panel in six weeks time. For members of the public qualified members of the BIPP and IPPA (Irish) can be trusted, and if you are considering hiring a professional photographer you should always look to hire someone who has been through this process. You’ll forgive me for not including a gallery of my panel images at this stage, but I promise I will after my panel. Regardless of the verdict… : {