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Headshot photography FAQ

Professional headshots have become a ‘must-have’ for most professionals over the last few years.  If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss was about, read on to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about professional headshots!

12 of our most commonly asked headshot photography questions

A headshot is simply a portrait that generally focuses on the head and shoulders of an individual subject.  In contrast to passport photos, the aim of a headshot photograph is to convey something about the personality of the subject. 

Headshot photos usually involve the subject looking directly at the camera with the focus on their facial expression.  These are the photos that you will typically see on profile pages of websites, professional networks such as LinkedIn.   Some headshots can overlap with general portraits, but typically a portrait will have a more candid feel.  Portraits may involve props; the subject of a portrait is not necessarily looking directly at the camera and they may be engaged in some kind of action or activity.

An actor headshot is similar to any other headshot.   It is a clear photograph focussed on the facial features of an individual; actor headshots are a requirement from almost all acting agencies and they are one of the mechanisms that would be used to promote their client.  Actor headshots usually meet specific requirements such as image size and will generally be provided as an image pack with a range of similar, but slightly different poses. 

Our headshot packages start at €55.00 for a single pose selection.

No.  Some styles of headshot will be better suited the studio environment, however, your headshot shoot can take place anywhere that suits you.  This might be your home, your workplace, outside in the garden or anywhere that  you feel suits your personal style. 

You only need to be available for 15 to 20 minutes for a professional headshot session.  This is followed by our post production and editing process.  We would normally have your digital images back to you within 24 hours, but if you need them sooner, let us know.   

If travel or pandemic restrictions mean you can’t get into the studio, why not enquire about our remote portraiture service?  All you need is a plain wall near some good natural light and your mobile phone!

There are really no strict rules about posing for your headshot.  Your headshot will come across as more authentic if you feel relaxed while it is being taken.  Whilst I will give you general posing prompts during the session, you should adopt a pose that you feel most natural in and I will work around that.   That said, if your headshot is for professional purposes, you will obviously want to adopt a pose that reflects your profession. 

Whether or not you smile for your professional headshot is entirely up to you.    I will generally take a range of shots with smiles, without smiles and with neutral expressions.   It’s up to you to  pick the one that you like the best!

Again, there are no rules.  If your headshot is for a professional profile, it should convey something of your personality whilst reflecting the profession you are in.   For general business profiles, I would simply recommend neutral colours with a minimum of distracting jewellery and hair accessories.

In general, just wear what you would wear normally.  Large and colourful headwear and accessories may distract from your photograph if you are looking for a purely businesslike presentation.  On the other hand, if colourful accessories are part of your personal ‘brand’ you should definitely wear them!

Similarly, makeup is a personal choice.  There is sometimes a temptation to wear a little more than usual, as you might for a special occasion; I would caution against this, simply because when you view your image later you may feel that you appear ‘over-dressed’.  Don’t worry too much though, our lighting will be set up to show you at your best and it is relatively straightforward to tone make-up up or down a little in the post production process. 

We would not normally photoshop a headshot beyond minor exposure and contrast adjustments, minor blemish removal and slight skin smoothing if required.  However, anything is possible and if there’s something of particular concern to you, we can talk that over and aim to accommodate it within your session. 

Absolutely anything you like!  You will receive your images digitally with full rights to reproduce and share.   Our headshots have been used for everything from company brochures, business websites, personal resumés and even the odd dating profile picture!

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