Communion Portraits



Communion photography

There is something special about spring, having dusted down their portrait lenses it seems like every photographer I know is currently making a bee-line for fields full of blue-bells. It’s definitely a great time for outdoor children’s portraiture

For me it’s a time of first communions portraits, which I enjoy.  Seeing the pride in the eyes of parents as their child begins a new chapter in their life is brilliant.



Solo Communion Portraits

Whilst a lot of my ‘regular’ children’s portraiture involves siblings or wider family groups; A first communion portrait is different. It’s a time for a single child creating a classic portrait.  It’s maybe the last time they’ll have a formal portrait of them taken as a young child.

With every child portrait sitting I’m looking to create something unique, a timeless piece of art that perhaps could be repeated by future generations. I love the idea that in a 100 years another photographer might want to re-create one of my images for some of my client’s descendants.



Communion portraits for every budget

I know that celebrating a communion can be a costly affair for parents, but I would encourage anyone who wants to capture this special day to consider a professional portrait.  

My portrait day appointments at Reenagross and Derreen Gardens are priced at €120, we have 45-60 minutes to create something stunning that you can treasure. It is a perfect chance to combine a family walk with a beautiful breath-taking image.

Pricing Details For your investment of €120 you will receive a 9 print mount pack of your preferred image;


When you view the images (usually 3 or 4 days after the appointment) you may want to think about purchasing a larger framed print that would be suitable for your wall. My wall hung finished frames begin €140 and are prepared by the finest framing company in Ireland.  I always stress that this is a no-obligation viewing and there is never any hard selling. 

Update: Reenagross Appointments on the 16th May are now full. Two appointments at Derreen Gardens are currently available. To enquire about a booking, please contact us here.