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This blog features some of our commercial documentary photography work.  We work regularly with a number of agencies that are delivering aid funded overseas development projects on behalf of international donors.  Our documentary photography typically forms part of the impact monitoring and communications work streams and we aim to provide clients with a range of engaging photographs that depict both the progress and the human impact of the work that they do.

Supporting aid funded projects with documentary photography

My latest assignment was to Nigeria where I combined trips for multiple donors for the final documentary photography products of the year.   It has to have been one of the most hectic trips I’ve done to date, covering, amongst other things, 3 police stations, 3 courts, 1 palace and a number of farming communities.   Having long term relationships is a critical factor in making a trip like this work.   Although it’s been a long trip and covered lots of miles and locations, I can be confident that the photographs I’ve produced are exactly what the client is looking for.  What’s more,  I get to add value by keeping incidental costs of travel as low as possible – something that is particularly valued by clients in this sector.

documentary photography for agriculture projects

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