Family Get-Together



Boathouse at Dromquinna

I love the Boathouse at Dromquinna. In some ways, the compact bistro is too small for portrait photography, but the lack of space means it is inevitable that the shots will be informal and relaxed.  If that’s the kind of image you are looking for, then great!


Capturing the mood

A photographer’s job isn’t to take pictures, we are there to capture the mood. Family get togethers are lovely to document, because the relationships are already in place.  There should be a clear narrative to documentary style images, so the viewer can remember all the event, not just the formalities.

I recently did some work for a family who wanted to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family after their son’s first communion.The photographer has to be looking wider than just at the current photograph as there is always an interesting dynamic happening. There can be no excuse for missing it!

I thought I’d share just to highlight what can be achieved with natural light in such a small space.   Hope you like them!