Looking for the perfect Baby shower gift?

Graphistudio Legacy Box


New product launch!

I’m very pleased and excited to announce our Baby Shower package. We are now offering a “Birth – Birthday” luxury fine art print package. Your package  combines multiple shoots over your child’s first year with our award winning and personalised Fine Art Legacy Box.

Graphistudio Legacy Box

Each precious day

As new life begins, every day is precious and you’ll want to keep those memories close, what better way than a handcrafted box designed with your choice of material?


Tots & toddlers portrait photography

Inside your printed photographs will keep your memories fresh and you’ll be proud of them for ever more.  There really isn’t anything to compare with a printed photograph.

We’ve designed this package to collect the images you want us to collect, so during the year we can be booked for up to three seperate shoots.  This might be a Newborn session, Christening, Christmas or Birthday Cake Smash – your session choices are entirely up to you

The box in itself is available in 7 different types of leather and a whole host of colour options.  Like every child every Legacy box is unique.  

The personalised image printed on the box lid makes it even more special.


A timeline gift

We think the Baby Shower package is the ultimate gift from colleagues and friends because unlike the many alternatives, it isn’t gender specific and there’s no sizing to worry about!  What is more, baby won’t have outgrown this gift in the first few months of life – this gift lasts a lifetime and there’s nothing more precious.

Each print is delivered with a print quality guarantee.  Provided it’s kept out of direct sunlight, it will look just as good in 300 years!
Rest assured your gift can be carried on for many generations.

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