Mega Mats

It’s time for Mega Mats, lets get big!   Simply the highest grade of print for your best portraits.

The Mega Mats bring the art gallery experience directly to your ’ home.
The accurate printing technology and the hand made mounts will enhance any interior design, and they come ready to be framed.


Mega Mats can be designed vertical or horizontal either ways. The sizes in bold are the size of the print, with the mount size below.

Finishing and materials

These large mats are archival certified, meaning that both the frame and the back panel are made of pure cotton paper, thickness 1/8” each, 1/4” combined).
The state of the art cutting plotter ensures perfection of the bevel cut (45°) and precise mounting procedures make the Mega Mats the most beautiful gallery large print available in the market.

You can also order the Mega Mats without the print. In this case the mat will come open on 3 sides with pre-placed double tape.

Lustre Photo paper: the most popular substrate since early days of photography, silver halide paper.
Metallic Photo paper: a stunning ultra gloss look and feel to dramatize vivid colors and highlights, silver halide paper.
HD Fine Art paper: the highest quality ultra mat substrate for an artistic “museum” finishing. The archival luxury! Ink jet paper.