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A brand new client

We met Chris for the first time last week to talk through the brief and have a look at some of his work; what a privilege!  It was clear from the start that Chris was absolutely passionate about his paintings.  They all have wonderfully vivid colours and are quite unlike anything we’ve seen before in the studio.


Project brief

Chris wanted to create an electronic portfolio of his work.  Although he wasn’t sure how he might eventually want to use the photographs, all our images are provided in formats suitable for social media, web and high quality art printing.

our approach

Chris got in touch on the recommendation of a fellow artist that we have worked with for a number of years.  The majority of our work comes via word of mouth which is always reassuring, since you’re only ever as good as your last shoot!

It was clear that the true representation of colour was one of the most important things to him and if you look through his work, it’s easy to see why.  

We invested quite a lot of time getting the set up absolutely perfect.  We colour calibrated for the palette of each painting to make sure that Chris was blown away by the results.


Chris's work

We loved working with Chris’s paintings. His distinctive geometric style and the vivid colours were were just gorgeous and not something we’ve seen before in the studio. 

Some of the pieces were quite large, but they would do justice to any domestic or business space.

Approach to the shoot

The ceramic art photographs were for e-commerce use and there was no lifestyle requirement to the brief.  One of the most important aspects for consideration in a shoot like this, is the reproduction of colour and a nice evenly lit environment.  

A light meter reading and a colour calibration check is an essential first step.  These ceramic art pieces are intended to be hung, therefore we mounted each one in the studio at eye level.  There were quite a few items to photograph on this shoot; by using artificial lighting rather than the natural studio light, I was able to maintain an even cast of light and shadow throughout the day.

The studio lightbox and reflectors really softened out the shadows and eliminated any chance of reflections appearing on the glass covers. 

a selection of paintings

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