The value of a pre-wedding photo shoot

The pre-wedding photo shoot is a complimentary service I offer to all couples that have booked me to be the photographer at their wedding.  It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for me to really find out what you do and don’t want when it comes to the photography for your big day.

It’s particularly important to think seriously about a pre-wedding shoot if you have strong ideas about what you want to achieve with your wedding photographs.  The session is a great opportunity to test out the practicality of your plans and to do some detailed choreography if required!

If you are in any way anxious about your wedding photography, if either of you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, or if you have concerns about your body image, the pre-wedding shoot really is a must.   I appreciate that if you are someone that is generally camera shy, the last thing you may want to do is commit to one, but I promise you, it will pay dividends.

You can see how you look on camera and you can point out things that you like or don’t like about your appearance in specific images.  Many, many people have some aspect of themselves that they would prefer to played down in the photographs of their big day, so why ruin your experience with a bunch of photographs that were taken on your completely-unnoticeable-to-anyone-but-you bad side?

The shoot can take place at a time to suit you either entirely in the studio or a combination of inside and outdoors. It can be as formal or casual as you like and at the end of the session, you’re guaranteed to have some great photographs.   If you’d like to enquire about wedding services, including the pre-wedding photo shoot, you can email me via this contact form.