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Restoration and Digitisation Services

Old film, negatives and printed images have a finite lifespan, so if you have treasured memories hiding in your shed or attic, it’s time to dig them out while you’ve still got time.  We offer a range of professional services to breathe life into some of your family treasures so that they can be enjoyed and shared by generations to come! Even better, why not surprise someone with a gift of digitised film or printed images from times gone by?

Photo restoration and image recovery

You’ll be blown away by the results of the most advanced photographic and editing techniques.  We work meticulously to restore old, faded and damaged photographs so that you can enjoy and share them with new generations of your family.   We work with digitised copies of your old images, so there is no risk of further damage to the originals. 

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Transfer 8mm and Super8 film reels to digital

Cini film, like most other film formats has an expected lifespan of around 70 years even if it stored in optimum conditions.  Cini films created in the seventies that have been played numerous times and stored in the less than optimum conditions of the average loft are already well past their shelf life. 

We clean and repair your film by hand before scanning each frame for digitisation.  

We supply your digital films in MP4 format on a USB drive. Other formats can be provided upon request.


Transfer VHS video cassettes to digital

We can give new life to your old VHS videos by converting them into digital MP4 format. The quality of video that can be recovered from VHS tapes depends on the age and use history of the tape, how well it has been cared for and even the condition of the previous players it has been used in.

Please note that we do not accept tapes that show signs of mould or damp for transfer without them undergoing a preparatory cleaning process.

We supply your digital films in MP4 format on USB drives. Other formats can be provided upon request. 

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35mm negatives

Transfer 35mm slides and negatives to digital

We can digitise 35mm, 126 and 110 film negatives.  Prior to scanning, we remove visible dust and dirt from your negatives.  Following the digitisation process, we clean up your images using the latest photography post-processing techniques to provide you with the best possible results.

It is often possible to recover and restore images from damaged negatives and slides – please call us to discuss if you have particular needs.

We return your digital images in JPG format on a USB drive that is compatible with most devices. Other formats can be provided upon request.

Transfer audio cassettes to digital

Explore our professional audio transfer services to convert your old personal audio cassettes into digital formats.
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Client feedback

Just had mine done by Nick Cavanagh Photography. I have been looking at my family holidays from the 1960's, and seeing people that have long since passed away. Especially my parents 💕💕 It's amazing to see the images and I am spending most of my time in tears......of happiness. My family are all gone now apart from my big sister. But yet they live on, on the big screen. And when I watch the movies, I can remember every minute and every happy moment. Don't hesitate to get them done, as the reels fade and when they are gone, they are lost forever. Thanks Nick for your help. Top class service 📽📽. Memories preserved forever

I just got my videos back and I'm overjoyed! I wasn't expecting much, because the videos were not in good shape due to damp, but they have come out crystal clear! Being able to introduce my children to important family that they did not have the chance to meet was SO emotional!!!!

thank you Nick!

Clock's ticking!

Your old films and photographs aren’t going to last forever, so get in touch while there’s still time to capture your treasured memories!

Frequently asked questions

After meticulous preparation of your video tape, your film is played and recorded.   Once we have captured most of your video, we make further attempts to recover missing footage.  Where this is successful, it will be edited back into your digitised recording. 

The quality of the digital output of VHS video depends upon a number of things, including quality of the original recording and the state of the physical tape.  We maintain our players to a high standard and can state with confidence that the output you will receive will be as good as if not very significantly better than playing it at home. 

Yes.  We will make minor physical repairs as part of our routine preparation process.  Videos that show visible signs of mould or damp must be thoroughly cleaned prior to transfer.  This painstaking process is necessary to avoid damage to our equipment as well as contamination of future tapes.   We do not recommend that you attempt to view uncleaned VHS videos on your own player for the same reason. 

By default we supply digitised video in MP4 format on USB thumb drives as these can be viewed on a wide variety of modern equipment.   We can supply other formats and delivery media DVD and cloud downloads (where practical) upon request. 

No, there is no limit to the length of video that can be digitised.  Please get in touch if you have special requests or bulk orders so that we can advise you.

If you are local to Kenmare, please drop into Nick Cavanagh Photography Studio at any time.  If you are not local to Kenmare, we can arrange a courier service for a small additional charge.  

We currently offer digitisation of 8 and Super8 film reel. 

This service is not part of our routine 8mm film digitisation process but please get in touch if you have a particular requirement.

Only some later 8mm film can hold sound.  You can identify 8mm film that has sound by a distinctive yellow or rust coloured strip that runs along the film outside the sprockets.

We do not recover sound from 8mm movies – this is largely due to scarcity of the original equipment that is required.

As a general estimate, a 3″ (diameter) reel contains about 50ft of film which will be converted to around 3 minutes of video.   You may see a footage marker on your reel that will help you to estimate the length of video you will receive.   

Bear in mind that some of your reel may contain no film.

We will not charge you for any reel that contains no footage.

Yes, we can digitise both slides and 35mm negative strips.

We use dry, frame by frame scanning to digitise 8mm film. 

Yes, we digitise both colour and black and white film, video and negatives.

We make sure your slides are free from dust prior to scanning.  We can make minor repairs and improvements to images at no additional charge.  We are happy to discuss more extensive renovation and recovery of particular images as a separate service.  

Yes, your digital files are yours to share and copy as you wish.  We would recommend that you make multiple copies and store your digital files on multiple physical drives and cloud platforms so that they are not lost through device failure. 

We take excellent care of any media you send us.  Please note however, that unless otherwise agreed in writing, our liability is limited to the value of the physical film, negative or cassette you send us, irrespective of the monetary or sentimental value of the contents.