Taken today. 2 curious little un's try out a recently fallen Shea nut.

It’s a very cold Tuesday morning here on the South West coast of Ireland… Last night I said to myself I would get up early and go to the gym. Instead I’m writing this which is way more important!

On Thursday  I’m flying back to Nigeria to work on two projects, the first is to spend time with an organisation called Safe Child Africa who are dedicated to rebuilding the lives of children who have been accused of witchcraft.  The case studies of abuse I have just been reading are like walking into a wall. Thankfully they are offset by the work of others driven to help them rebuild their lives.

How I’m involved

I’m spending 4-5 days with them on a no fee basis, with a view to create a body of work that will be exhibited later this year in the UK.
The organisation has been working in Nigeria for 10 years now, and their achievements highlight a dedication and perseverance that stands out.

As with most charities they  struggle for cash and I wondered if regular readers of my blog might be able to help.
As I said, I’m not charging a fee for this trip as I will be in Nigeria already and I want to support their work.     However the charity is looking after me whilst I’m there with internal flights and hotel costs.

I imagine this is going to cost them about £400 in total,  I wondered if I might be able to help alleviate some of that cost by asking if you might consider a donation of £5 or £10 to their work.
They are a charity based in Hulme, Manchester and you can view their work at their website, Safe Child Africa

I don’t want to create a thermometer or just giving page.  I’m sure if this just generated a single £5 donation the charity would be delighted.

How you can donate:

Donate Online

You can donate online by clicking this link 

In the UK – You can also donate by SMS

To donate today, please text WISH40 followed by your chosen donation amount to 70070

No Need to tell me!

My trip and the project are going ahead, the charity are committed to hosting me and have already paid for the flights etc.  So this isn’t an 11th hour urgent cash appeal.   I just think it’s a pretty cool way of helping them out.   If it generated just £20 I’m sure they would be thankful.
As for me no doubt I will be updating my twitter feed with news interspersed with nonsense about football, music and the weather.  You can follow me on twitter  here: https://twitter.com/njclicks
Many thanks !  Nick : )