Santa's Post Office is Back

Please Note
Santa’s Post Office is now fully booked. 

Between 2-4pm on the 27th November Santa’s Elves will be visiting Reenagross !
Santa will no doubt be snoozing off his sunday lunch but the rest of us will be enjoying the fresh winter outdoors!

There will be music provided from Kenmare Music Academy and treats from Kenmare Ice Cream. 
On top of that we’ll be creating  a family photo that you can pick up from the studio in the following week. 

All letters will receive a hand written reply in the post by the 17th December.  So please  attach a postal address to each letter. 
This year we’ll be collecting donations to present to the Inshore Rescue at Derrynane

  Spaces are limited so if you do book and there’s a change of plan – please let us know as soon as possible! 

Big smiles all round last Year

The event was a great success and despite the damp weather there were smiles everywhere!  Families who came along enjoyed a hot chocolate, cookie, and received a complimentary print of the magic moment from the studio!  Santa was definitely busy as he  replied to every single one.

Your questions answered

Where can I collect my complimentary print?   We print an image for every family and these can be collected from our studio from  Wednesday 30th November 

When will Santa reply?   All the letters are already on their way to Santa and he’s assured us everyone will get a reply by the 17th December. 

How many spaces are there? We are limited to 70 this year – that’s children and adults!  Please appreciate this is a no-cost event, so everything is being donated by local business.