School Payment

Simple schools portrait setup.
Simple schools portrait setup.

I have created the table below to offer Principals and School Teachers an idea of how portrait commission fees might apply to your school.
Commission fees are paid by cheque 30 days after print delivery, alongside a summary sheet of orders, costs and the project balance.

The size of a school is the most important factor and a sales threshold of 45% has been used.  Typically schools will see a much higher threshold. I have used a low example to create a ‘worst’ case scenario :


School Size

100              @45%    Projected Payment to School    €  225

150              @45%    Projected Payment to School     € 337.50

200              @45 %   Projected Payment to School    € 450

350              @45%    Projected Payment to School    € 787.50


Managed well, a school of 250 or less can be done avoiding breaks in one school day.  Anything above that would require consecutive days work.

All my schools prints are printed on high quality FUJI paper.  They are delivered back to the school pre-sorted.