Top 10 Songs about Photography

Songs About Photography


The art of the mix tape

If there is one thing I really REALLY love to do, its making lists of music. Sad to say my kids will never know the joy of making compilation tapes to hand over to girls they want to impress.

(I’m not sure I ever did this, because my tapes were far too cool to give away).

Anyway I thought I’d do a top ten songs about photography list.  The downside is I could only think of 7.   So for you ..  here you are “The definitive top 7 songs about photography” blog.
Feel free to leave suggestions of any more in the comments below.


7. America - Simon & Garfunkel

Not actually a song ‘about photography’ but there is a great line “Be careful his bow tie is really a camera” which deserves recognition.

6. Kevin Carter - Manic Street Preachers

Kevin Carter was a fine photographer, he is famous for a photograph that brought the horrors of famine to millions. Sadly the stress of his job, caused him to take his own life.  Pretty Grim.

5. The Model - Kraftwerk

The most exciting band to ever come from Dusseldorf, this is a song about a model who is looking good.

4. Girls on Film - Duran Duran

One of only two Duran Duran songs I ever liked, the other one was Planet Earth.  I think this was considered rude when it was first released, but the video is safe enough for work.

3. Pearls Eye View  Nanci Griffith
I don’t think I’ve ever done a music list that hasn’t featured Nanci Griffith on it. This song is about Dickey Chapelle who was a freelance war photographer. I think she was the first woman conflict photographer to be killed in action (in Vietnam).  Great song… Really amazing war pictures.  You can find out more about Dickey Chapelle and her work here

2.  Kodachrome  Paul Simon

When I look back at all the crap I  learned in high school..   Indeed.. my art teacher told me  I should forget taking pictures.  He was a bit boring and he didn’t like me at all.

1  This is a killer tune, from a great musical.  Deserving to be number one!

You’ve probably heard the song but maybe not seen it in context.   From  Half a Sixpence.. I give you the brilliant Tommy ‘Friend of Elvis Presley’ Steele

Right so there you have it.. Feel free to leave other suggestions that I could shoehorn to make it a legitimate top ten  below!   Nick