If you’re looking for a special needs photography service in the Kerry area that incorporates bespoke requirements as standard, you’re in the right place!  We are committed to offering special needs photography services tailored exactly to your circumstances.  Consequently, you can expect fabulous results from your shoot, even if we need to adapt the shoot experience.   If you or a member of your family has special needs, I understand that it is  particularly important that you are confident I can provide this service before you commit yourself.

special needs photography - image by Javi Delgado Esteban/Getty
Image by Javi Delgado Esteban/Getty

Let’s be prepared

I would like you to feel positive and relaxed about your special needs photography shoot.  Taking time to understand your requirements will help me to tailor my service and provide the best possible results.

Drop in as often as you like before your special needs photography session

Feel free to come into the studio as often as you like before your session.  These visits can really help to increase familiarity and reduce any anxiety.  We have a small selection of soft toys, books, Lego and a DVD player in store which are available to relax, entertain or distract children, particularly during these early visits.   If test shoots, role play or home visits will help, I am more than happy to arrange these beforehand.

Whatever your special needs, nothing should stand in the way of you having a positive photography experience, or of achieving wonderful image results.  The extent to which I can tailor my approach, my equipment and our working environment to your needs may be a critical success factor and this is all part of the service.


We only ever use images for promotion purposes when we have our customer’s express permission.  In addition, we will not generally seek to use our own images to promote special needs photography goods and services, (but we would be delighted if you invited us to!).

If you have any unanswered questions or concerns about the ways in which we can tailor our service, please call, drop into the studio or send us an enquiry.