Training Day

Thanks to everyone who took part yesterday, I’ve been going through the images you took using my camera and I’m really impressed.

Just to re-cap:

Technology will improve and costs increase, but as long as you remember the four important things you will be able to take better images with standard cameras  than someone who has a great camera but lacks your knowledge.

  1. Light
  2. Composition
  3. Background
  4. Location

I’ve included a link to the youtube video that we only managed to view 2 minutes of. You’ll notice the Photographer  (Bella West)  talks about all four key things above. You’ll also see her direct her subject with specific requests “look left” ,  “look towards the ground”.   The Video is here.  With the skills you developed yesterday you will be able to take simple and effective images like this.

Keep taking pictures, remember : It’s not rude to ask someone politely “Would you mind if I took your portrait ? “.  It’s kind to offer them a copy of the print.   If they would rather not, that’s ok. Smile and say thank you.    I’ve included some images we took yesterday on the bottom of this page. Feel free to save them to your computer.   I will remove this page and the images by the end of the week so be quick.

Finally, I know you’ll all argue about which one of you took the panning image of the street cleaning vehicle, but whoever took it I think it’s great!

Keep taking pictures and thanks for taking part. It was a lot of fun.  If you have questions in the days/weeks/months ahead. I will try and give you some answers as quickly as I can.


p.s. I think Leonardo Da Vinci is great.