Professional training and development

It’s not often you’ll find mention of receiving training on photographers websites. For some reason photographers don’t like to admit that they still have a way to go. Almost all photographers offer training courses but few ever seem to admit needing to go on them. Well I do!

Training is vital to me and the business, I need to ensure that I’m still delivering the highest standards and be open to new ideas from other photographers that might do things more effectively.

Next week I’m travelling to the UK for 2 days with the BIPP, the first day will be spent with Kevin Pengelly who is a highly accomplished wedding photographer from the south of England. The second will be with Bella West who I’ve a huge amount of respect for. She’ll be leading a workshop on environmental portraiture focussing on youth.  Both of these workshops will be useful to me here in Kenmare and I’ll be looking forward to putting loads of the latest techniques into practice when I get back!